Instructions for Use – Description

Using Your Best BioChar Kiln


First, place the Best BioChar Garden Kiln in a level place where there are no nearby flammable materials, small children and pets as there is a flame and the metal will get hot. Have a hose handy for safety and for dousing the biochar when it is done.


The metal of the kiln gets HOT! Also, the metal is relatively thin (.032″) so protect your hands

Best BioChar Kiln Starting


Seal air leaks, Start the fire

First, put a little dirt in the bottom of the cone around the edges to seal air leaks. Build a small fire on the bottom and keep adding sticks, etc. as the ash just begins to form. The materials should be of fairly uniform size. Keep adding, building up the depth of the biomass. Now would be a good time to add smaller sticks, such as raspberry canes. Quickly add more larger materials on top.

Best BioChar Kiln Add Sticks
Best BioChar Kiln Progress
Best BioChar Kiln Let it Burn
Best BioChar Kiln Gasses
Best BioChar Kiln Slowing Down
Best BioChar Kiln Almost Done

Keep adding more

The idea is to pile it up as fast as possible without smothering the fire.

Fill it to the top

Stop adding more when it’s about level with the top.

Let it burn!

Middle of the burn

Notice how gasses are now being evolved from the wood underneath but are being burned at the top flame level. You can see the gasses igniting around the edges of the kiln. This is what makes the kiln work – the rising gasses ignite and shield the material beneath from oxygen. This creates the “pyrolysis zone”, cooking the material below into charcoal.

Slowin’ down …

At this point the material will begin to settle and you can add more or just finish this batch. The volume will reduce by about half because some of it is vaporizing into flammable gasses.

Almost done!

Best BioChar Kiln Done


Best BioChar Kiln Quench

Quench it!

Give it a good dousing, there’s a lot of heat in there. We don’t want it to re-ignite when we’re not looking. The biochar is made, let’s use it!

Best BioChar Kiln Car Smashing

Smash it!

Break the biochar into rice size pieces. Drive over it with a car or smash it with a board or what have you.

Best BioChar Kiln Smashed Char

Now that it’s smashed …

Mix it with compost, worm tea or manure to inoculate it with soil microbes. Then spread it out on the soil at 10% by volume and till it in (1/2″ layer tilled 5″ deep).